The Settlements tab give merchants and providers the ability reconcile deposits that were made into their linked settlement device against transactions, invoices and claims.  Settlements are ACH bank deposits or unlinked debit transactions that have been successfully posted.

To begin, clicking on the "Settlements" tab will reveal a historical descending list of deposits made to your account.  These amounts will match the deposit records from your bank account's ledger that correspond to Enter:

Clicking on the January 9, 2018 settlement for $1,066.00 will return a detail page that include a list of transactions in this settlement.  In this example, there exists only one transaction but other cases may include more especially if customers are being invoiced and multiple factored claims are included in the same batch:

Clicking on the $1,300 transaction will reveal detailed information about it including if it was associated with an invoice or not:

We can see that Enter Inc. paid $1,300.00 on January 05, 2018 and it was associated with an invoice.

Because an invoice is associated with this transaction, clicking on invoice d9ea8e0e-dd0a-4375-b702-e6ead52b9c32 will reveal detailed information about it including if it was associated with a claim or not:

There are other details associated with an invoice but for the purposes of this article we will focus on reconciliation.  

Because there is a claim associated with this invoice, clicking on claim 33726537-358f-4b06-9ed6-56d2b7189851 will reveal details of the coded medical claim that was submitted to and created by Enter including patient and payer information.  

Finally, clicking on "View Document" will download the originally submitted claim documentation that was submitted to Enter by the provider:

That's it!  Remember: settlements are just deposit amounts that are posted to your bank account.  Settlements are collections of transactions that customers (or Enter) make to the account through both credit cards and bank accounts.  Transactions are usually associated and paid against invoices that describe the nature of the payments.  If a medical claim was submitted, claims generate both customer invoices and carrier invoices.  Enter will typically pay carrier invoices within 24 hours and send the customer invoice to the patient for their out of pocket cost for collection if they have any.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out at  Thanks!

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